Artikel Terbaru - How to get into ASUS Laptop BIOS to configure before Booting .There are several reasons why you should enter the BIOS of an ASUS laptop to configure the system or hardware to run as it should.

At first glance, BIOS (Basic Input Output System) is a firmware or software used to set the basic functions of a computer hardware, both laptop and PC.

Unlike the operating system that resides in storage such as HDD or SSD, this BIOS is stored in a ROM of a CMOS (Complimentary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) embedded on the motherboard.

The presence of the BIOS allows POST (Power On Self Test) instruction to be implemented to identify and configure each component of the system starting from the VGA card, RAM, processor, keyboard, mouse, SSD, HDD, CD/DVD Drive, to other hardware during the boot process.

How to get into ASUS Laptop BIOS

Therefore the BIOS function is very important for a computer device. If you have a problem that resulted in ASUS laptop can not turn on or boot, then changing some things in BIOS can be the solution.

How to get into ASUS Laptop BIOS :

  1. First, you can turn on your ASUS laptop
  2. Directly press the F2 key on the keyboard before the operating system runs
  3. If successful, you will go directly to the BIOS
  4. On the main page, there are various menus offered to configure the system and the hardware
  5. Once you've finished setting up what you want, you can exit the Save & Exit Setup Menu
  6. Furthermore, ASUS laptops will boot the operating system as usual (if already installed)
Usually you do not need to configure the BIOS from an ASUS laptop manually because the factory settings are already in ready-made conditions so that this method is usually used when you encounter the problem only.

Because the BIOS is very important, you can also give a password or password so that the BIOS settings can not be changed by carelessly people.

Broadly, the hardware settings in the BIOS are vital enough that you have to be careful to change every thing in them. Especially if you plan to overclock to improve the performance of the existing components.

If the wrong overclock, then do not close the possibility of ASUS laptop will suffer damage. However, not all BIOS versions allow you to set such important things to avoid mistakes caused by users.

So always be careful if you deal with the BIOS and do not change something you do not understand. Good luck.

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