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Gadgetsiana.comRedmi 8A Mobile with affordable price suitable for older children. Nowadays smartphones are not only a means of communication but also can improve your style. Especially if you are a young man who should always look trendy when gathering or travelling with friends.

Without the need to spend too deep, do you know that there are affordable smartphones that have a very fashionable design?

The Smartphone is Redmi 8A which is priced at Rp 1.399.000 when it was first introduced. Although the price can be said to be reasonably priced, but REDMI 8A's ability cannot be underestimated.

With the intense competition of smartphones in this segment, Xiaomi did some reshuffle on various sides compared to the previous generation. Redmi 8A This time to come up with a design that is not boring and looks more classy.


Redmi 8A

Just look at the back of Redmi 8A, the wavy emboss that Xiaomi gave showed that the product was made and designed in a painstaking setting. Not only does it make the back look more elegant, the emboss also causes the smartphone body to be gripped and not slippery.

The writings of Designed By Xiaomi and Redmi lining vertically in the center further add to the beauty of the design presented. Plus the REDMI 8A is available with the choice of Midnight Black, Sunset Red, and Ocean Blue colors that will represent your young soul.

Redmi 8A also has a very contemporary front view with a full-screen design equipped by a Dot Drop on top of it, allowing the bezel on the periphery of the screen to become thinner.

Combined with a 6.22-inch display landscape, the screen of Redmi 8A is very expansive when used to watch videos. No less important, the big screen will also make you more easily explore social media because it can see more content at once

The screen is already using IPS technology that allows the content to remain clearly visible to 178 degrees with accurate color and has been protected by the Corning Gorilla Glass 5 layer to minimize the scratches incurred due to use Daily.

With its large battery, you do not have to worry about running out of battery during the day when using this smartphone because it is guaranteed that there is still battery remaining when the day ends. Of course, this means you can play games or surf on social media for longer, so you don't have to keep looking for electrical plugs.

Interestingly, Xiaomi has also pinned the Fast Charging 18W technology through the claimed USB-C port capable of charging to full within 2.2 hours. So, you don't have to wait too long for REDMI 8A to be ready for work.

Thanks to the capabilities of the battery, you can also leverage the support of the two SIM cards provided. As you know, using two SIM cards at the same time will drain your smartphone battery faster.

By using Redmi 8A, you can more freely choose the service from the operator you prefer. For example, you can install one card used for the Internet network because it has a cheaper price while the other one is the main card to communicate.

In addition, you can also still embed a microSD card as an additional storage space without sacrificing one of the slots because Xiaomi delivers a separate slot for each SIM card and microSD.

To make your experience even more complete, Xiaomi completes REDMI 8A with a battery that can accompany you for a full day of life thanks to its large capacity of 5,000 mAh.

This is certainly a very interesting thing because there are not many of Redmi 8A's classmate smartphones who dare to offer that much battery. If compared, the average competitor just pinned the battery about 4,000 mAh alone on their smartphone.

When tested using the PCMark for Android app with a display brightness of 50%, Redmi 8A is even capable of continuing to 17 hours and 18 minutes. The figure is considerably defeated by most smartphones that have been a team Gadgetren test because it usually only lasts for 11 hours.

As a young man, these things are something that you should always consider when choosing a smartphone and REDMI 8A has it all.

Not only is the trendy design that makes you look more fashionable, Redmi 8A also features an expansive screen enhanced by old battery life so you can continue to exist.

Artikel Terbaru