Artikel Terbaru - Best PUBG Mobile Weapons of the year 2020, AWM still a champion!. Here are five of PUBG Mobile's best weapons listings in November 2019. Your weapon is not ya? Although there are many types of weapons that you can choose, there are some that do have strong statistics to get into the list of the best PUBG Mobile weapons. There are five weapons that enter this class, including the player's favorite Sniper Rifle, AWM. What are the best PUBG Mobile guns in 2020 ?

Best PUBG Mobile Weapons 2020

5 best PUBG Mobile weapons 2020

1. AWM

Best PUBG Mobile Weapons

Of the many PUBG Mobile weapons, one of the most popular long barrel guns considered to be the strongest weapon is AWM! PUBG AWM Weapons are the manufacturer of Accuracy International, an English-based weapon manufacturer. AWM itself stands for Arctic Warfare Magnum. 

This AWM weapon is the only weapon that has a bullet quite different. If most of the guns in PUBG Mobile are using 5.56 mm or 7.62 mm bullets, the AWM is a different bullet that is a Magnum bullet.

The Magnum bullet used by AWM is larger than the 5.56 or 7.62 bullet, which explains why the damage from AWM is so big when it comes to the FPS game.

2. M249

Best PUBG Mobile Weapons

If you talk about this weapon's stats, it is actually a mediocre M249. By damage, it is quite good, it is included in the average damage AR. Its own Damage M249 is 45 points 2 points higher than M416 which only had a damage of 43 points only. 

If talking about excess weapons is possible from the size of the magazine and also the firing rate of this weapon. Due to this excess, M249 is perfect for destroying vehicles!

3. Kar98k

Best PUBG Mobile Weapons

Although this Kar98k is arguably the standard Sniper Rifle in the game, it's still a PUBG Mobile weapon that you can't just underestimate. It is not as violent as AWM--which can be translucent level 3 helmet with one bullet--but at least Kar can still be translucent enemy head using helmet Level 1 or 2.

Because this is a Sniper Rifle weapon, surely Kar98k excels in remote combat. What is the distance? May be arguably in the range of 300-500 meters. Also because of the slow rate of fire of this weapon, it would be better if you shoot in the direction of an enemy that is completely unconscious of your being, and it would be better if you shoot from a high place.

4. SKS

Best PUBG Mobile Weapons

SKS are DMR variants that use a larger bullet of 7.62 mm. Like most guns that use 7.62 mm bullets, SKS also have wildly recoil compared to Mini-14. One word describing the weapon recoil is probably "swing".

Why? Because once fired, SKS will swing far upward, then the shot will go back down, but it's more up than your previous shot. Because of recoil effect like this, then you can not immediately shoot SKS guns very quickly. Have to wait for a moment, just fired again afterwards.
Although the weapon's recoil is quite wild, it has more damage than the mini-14. But unfortunately again, if in PUBG PC, a bullet weapons usually tend to go down after reaching a few hundred meters

5. Groza

Best PUBG Mobile Weapons

Groza is a Russian manufacturer Bullpup type weapon. The name Groza itself is apparently the nickname of this weapon, in which Groza here means Thunderstorm or thunderstorm. Exactly the name suitable for the best weapons of PUBG Mobile AR Class!

This weapon can quickly kill enemies that are visible only in 0.16 seconds lag--even in the case of an enemy wearing helmet/Armor level 3. If you use a helmet/Armor level 2, the enemy can disappear in 0.08 seconds! But instead of PUBG Mobile Groza's guns, it's got a pretty hard-to-control recoil. 

Plus, these weapons are only available in crate, which may make you unaccustomed to using them. So be sure to try first in the training mode before you really dare to pick up the best PUBG Mobile weapons this month!

Well that's the five best PUBG Mobile weapons. For you who want to find out about other popular games, please visit the Gadgetsiana website every day.

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