Artikel Terbaru - Minimalize Addiction Gadgets, Google presents 3 apps its hero. Gadgets are now like personal assistants who can nemenin you while working or communicating with people who are very much more practical.

Google presents 3 of its hero apps

There is no denying that gadgets can also relieve our daily activities. Not just as a communication, registrar and reminder of time, email, and entertainment only, but can also be used for unlimited interactions.

The presence of gadgets also makes social media services thriving and fast. However, the social media excitement is now a double-edged knife due to the circulating hoaxes. Therefore, this service has become one of the contributors to gadget addiction problems that ultimately have a less good impact on your mental health and privacy space.

Google presents 3 of its hero apps

Responding to the technology problem that has been worldwide, Google has the initiative to give birth to three applications to minimize the gadget addiction slowly. Based on the information from GSMArena (23/01/2020), the three applications have recently appeared in the Google Play Store.

One of them is the results of Google's experimental division special projects, and the other two are published by Google Creative Lab. What are the applications?

The first application is called Envelope. This app looks unique due to its simple shape as an envelope. The display of your phone (currently only Pixel 3a) will change like an envelope when using this app. In addition to its simple and creative idea, this Envelope app also looks artsy.

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The purpose of this Envelope application is to restrict smartphone functionality but still maintain the basic functioning of smartphones. This means that smartphones can only be used for calling, viewing hours, photos, and videos.

The second app is Screen Stopwatch. The app displays live wallpaper containing time information that has been spent on using mobile phones in one day.

For the latter application is named Activity Bubbles with almost the same function as the Screen Stopwatch. Every time you unlock the lockscreen, the bubbles that appear on the smartphone screen will increase.

These bubbles will also continue to accumulate according to how many times you have unlocked the lockscreen until finally fulfill the screen display that shows the time that your gadget has been exhausted.

These three apps you can get for free on the Google Play Store. Only the new Envelope app is available specifically for Google Pixel 3a. Using the gadget you can control the Kok. The key is to remember to care for your mental health and smart using the gadget Yes guys.

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