Artikel Terbaru - How to take care of Hardisk to last not quickly damaged will I give the tutorial on this occasion, for that you please see well. Hard drives are one of the most important hardware of PC and laptop devices. This one component serves to store all data either that has not been processed yet.

As storage media, the hard drive role is very important for a device to work properly. Just imagine if there is no hardware that serves as a storage, where all the files we will store? From here we can understand that the existence of a hard disk is very vital.

How to take care of Hardisk

Well, as one of the most important components, of course we have to keep it well. The Hard drive itself also has a lifetime along with the life of usage. Someday it will surely be damaged by the age he has traveled.

But with the correct way of treatment, we can make sure that the HDD life can be longer. It certainly would be better than ignoring it so it would make the hard disk quickly damaged in a short time.

How to take care of Hardisk for durable not damaged

How to Maintain Internal Hard Drive

1. Do not create excessive partitions

Nowadays, the size and capacity of a hard drive is already very large. And usually the users will divide it into several partitions so that it will make it easier to organize files.

It is actually legitimate to create a number of partitions on a hard disk. But not recommended in many quantities, for example 2 or 3 partitions are enough. If it's too much, it will make the hard disk fragment split because of the read and write tasks on multiple partitions.

2. Do Defrag periodically

This is one of the most recommended tips for us users of computers and laptops. In order to maintain the health of HDD, it is recommended to do fragmentation periodically.

It is intended to make the drive more durable as well as make its read and write performance faster. In the Windows OS itself there is also a feature to do defrag. But you can also use third-party apps for this task.

3. Always turn off the device in the right way

In order to keep the hard drive durable and undamaged, of course use should also be considered. It is strongly discouraged to shut down the device unexpectedly, for example a computer when the lamp dies.

If it does, it will cause a variety of bad things against some hardware including hard disks. Such events are often the main cause of the damage to the HDD. Please turn off the device according to the procedure so as not to cause damage to other components.

4. Avoid shock or impact of your device

Actually this is a very simple thing but need to be noticed. Moreover, on a laptop device which is portable and can be carried everywhere. Always avoid laptops and computers from shocks. This prevents any damage that may occur due to collisions with hard objects.

5. Try not to use a Laptop on a mattress

This is one of the bad habits that many people still do. They used to use laptops and put them on the mattress without any idea of the consequences. How about why? Naturally a laptop device is already equipped with an air circulation system to ensure the heat energy generated can come out.

If it is placed above the mattress, the air circulation system which is generally at the bottom will not be able to function properly. This will cause the heat to become unable to come out perfectly and result in overheat. Well of course if the device is experiencing overheat will continuously cause damage to other components such as HDD.

6. Put laptops on a flat plane

As explained above that it is not advisable to put a laptop on the mattress, pillows etc. Better you guys put it in a flat field like a table and other objects. This is to ensure the heat-generated air can come out well. That way the device will not heat fast and the hardware is also durable.

7. Do not allow full Hard disks

As storage media, certainly HDD has a certain capacity. When you are someone with a hobby to collect photos, music or video is recommended to choose a hard disk with a considerable capacity. It is also advisable not to let the hard disk be too full and reach the red mark. If free space is available only a little bit, it will make the performance of the HDD become increasingly heavy and hard.

8. Clean junk files and unused ones

A lot of users ignore this one thing. They never check if there are a lot of junk files that are on their HDD. In addition, files that are not permanently deleted will also accumulate in the Recycle Bin.

If this is left, then it will fill up the storage space and leave little capacity. Be familiar to always check if a lot of cache and junk files. You can use party applications when such CCleaner proves to be powerful enough to do this job.

9. Don't let your Hard drive experience Overheat

A constantly working device will make it produce hot energy and this will change the temperature within the device. From this, we also have to pay close attention so that the temperature is not excessive. If not, then can-can he experience overheat and cause damage to various hardware. You can try some third-party applications to monitor the temperature condition of the HDD.

10. Install and perform regular Antivirus Scanning

As a storage medium, hard drives are one of the most tender targets for viruses and malware. This is a serious problem, if you are not aware you will regret it at a later date.

As a PC or laptop user, we are always advised to install antivirus software to minimize the risk of malware attacks. In addition, it is also advisable to do the scanning periodically so that we can know if the device is in a healthy state or has been affected by viruses.

Thus, the way to treat the hard drive is durable and also not easily damaged. Hopefully the tips and guides above can give you the knowledge how to keep the HDD to not quickly experience bad sectors and safe from virus attacks. Got other interesting and useful tips? Please share in the comments field below

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