Artikel Terbaru - How to reinstall Laptop. Reinstall the laptop needs to be done at least once after purchase. In addition to being able to update the Windows used, reinstall it can also improve the performance of your laptop. As long as the laptop's age is not uncommon starts to decline.

How to Reinstall Laptop

This can be caused by many things, from viruses, hard disk damage, and error systems. While some issues can be solved without reinstalling, it is not uncommon to reinstall laptops to instantly solve various laptop problems.

In addition, reinstall the laptop can also refresh. When reinstalling the laptop many junk files that accumulate will be erased as well as viruses that degrade performance.

How to Reinstall Laptop

Reinstalling is a fairly instant computer cleanup process. Even so doing a laptop reinstall also has a big risk. There are some preparations that need to be done before reinstalling. Here are the stages:

1. Back-Up previous Data

When the reinstall process is done, automatically all the files on the device are erased. Therefore backing up important data should be done before reinstalling the laptop.

Backups can be done by moving important files to an external hard drive or a CD. However, if you don't have a hard disk, backups can be done by storing files on the cloud storage media. After re-intall done eat files can be downloaded again.

2. Checking electrical power

Another thing that needs to be prepared before performing the re-intall is to ensure that the electrical connection is not dead. It aims to anticipate if in the middle of the reinstall process, the battery power is exhausted. Because the process of reinstalling the laptop can take a long time.

3. Save the Serial Number

Each program installed on the laptop has a specific serial number. Especially paid software. Serial number is important to activate the program after re-install.

Because some software that can be downloaded for free does not rarely have a serial number. So the software can not be run in full. Therefore, the existence of the serial number is as important as the files in the laptop.

4. Preparing a new OS

The final step to note before reinstalling the laptop is to prepare the OS installation file. This OS installation File can be obtained in the form of a master CD install or in a flash drive. FlashDisk can be used if the laptop owned does not have a CD Room.

Setting up the installation softfiles on a different flash using a CD. First, the way to set up Softfile OS on a pendrive is to provide a flash size of at least 8 GB. Next create master file in ISO format that comes from burning software. How:Plug the flash into a laptop
  • Open the burning software that has been prepared
  • Select File and set the burning location on the flash drive
  • Select Start Over on the software
  • Once the Jonathan is done unplug the used

How to reinstall the Laptop

1. Restart Laptop First

Before you start the reinstall process, restart the electronic device first. Restarting the device aims to prepare the device. Before restarting make sure all open windows on the laptop have been closed.

2. Go to BIOS settings

To enter the BIOS settings when the new laptop is lit on the restart process press a certain key according to the laptop used. There are several brands of laptops that use F1, F2, or ESC keys. Make sure to press the button until the BIOS settings appear

3. Insert your completed installation Media

After that insert the pre-prepared media on the laptop, whether it is a master CD or a flash drive. This stage is important to do especially if the media used is flashdisk. Because not infrequently the flash is not readable in BIOS settings.

4. Set the boot order

Next set the boot sequence so that the media used is in the first order. How to go to the Boot tab or the Boot Device in BIOS settings. Next select Boot Device Choices which is the menu to display the boot sequence. Please change the order for the CD or Flashdiks to be in the first order.

5. Press any key

After exit from the BIOS settings menu will appear Press any key to boot from CD or DVD. As directed, press any button on the screen to start the laptop reinstall process.

6. Start the Reinstall

Choose the language offered according to the language you use. Usually in Languange option is selected English, while in Time and vurency format selected Indonesia. But users can customize according to their wishes. After that select Install Now to do a reinstall.

7. Reinstall options

There will then be two options to be done for the reinstall process. Both options are upgrade and custom. Upgrades are usually used to upgrade on the operating system used. While the custom is used to reinstall the laptop as usual. This custom process is more widely used to solve problems on laptops.

8. Partition settings

The partition setting phase is a step that requires high accuracy. That's because at this stage the user will determine which partition on the OS will be used. If a reinstall is done to erase the old data on the laptop, then select the partition on the previous OS. After that select Drive Options, and choose a format.

In this process the system will erase all files that are on the laptop. It is therefore recommended that you backup important data. Once done in this process, the laptop will restart automatically.

9. Process after Restart

After restarting please press any key as before on. Then it will appear new OS boot settings. Wait until the installation process is complete.

The first will appear a new look to set the user name and computer name, as well as the laptop password settings. Do not forget to enter the serial number that was previously saved on the OS.

Click the Windows Update menu and select User Recommended Settings If you are using the original OS. But if not, select Ask me Later, then select Next. Set the time and date on the laptop and its settings. Now the laptop has been reinstalled and ready for reuse.

That's a few ways to reinstall laptops. This is a way to reinstall using media to store the OS. After knowing this way, you do not need to spend an extra fee in order to reinstall the laptop service.

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