Artikel Terbaru - 2 ways to solve Antivirus Update Microsoft Security Essentials Error Code 0x80240022 I will easily share for free on this occasion, for that please see the tutorial below. Antivirus Microsoft Security Essentials or better known as Antivirus MSE is a Windows-made Antivirus. For Windows 10 users, the MSE Antivirus will be automatically installed. Unlike Windows 7, MSE Antivirus must be installed again manually. In Windows 10, Antivirus MSE changed its name to Windows Defender.

How to troubleshoot Microsoft Antivirus updates

As with other Antivirus, in order for Antivirus MSE to work optimally, Antivirus should be updated frequently (update). Obviously for updates Antivirus MSE computer should already be connected to the Internet network. But usually if you have previously set Automatic Updates, then when the computer is connected to Internet Antivirus MSE will update automatically.

How to troubleshoot Microsoft Antivirus updates

Doing update Antivirus MSE can be said mandatory. Computer viruses at any time always update. If you don't update your Antivirus, it could be that Antivirus will not be able to recognize the latest viruses. So Antivirus is not able to work optimally. Antivirus does not uptodate become malfunctioning and the virus will easily log in to the computer.

With so Antivirus is not a program created all auto-generated to be a computer security from virus attack. When you finish installing Antivirus on your computer, you can't ignore the Antivirus. You even keep your Antivirus in order to work optimally. By performing an Antivirus update periodically, you have done the right thing. Using an always-up-to-date Antivirus, your computer will be safer than virus, spyware, and malware attacks.

How to overcome Update Antivirus MSE Error Code 0x80240022

Sometimes when we want update default Antivirus MSE suffers error. A MSE Antivirus can not be update the computer is already connected to the Internet. As we want update Antivirus MSE appears notification Error Code 0x80240022. How do I deal with it?

How to troubleshoot Microsoft Antivirus updates

1. Overcome by deleting the Software Distribution Folder

There are two ways to resolve the Antivirus update MSE Error Code 0x80240022. We can handle it in manual and automated ways. The first thing we'll cover is by deleting the Software Distribution folder.

Generally this case occurs on computer operating system Windows 7 only. So far I have never encountered in Error Code 0x80240022 Windows Defender in Windows 10.

In Windows 7 please click Start then in the Search field type Services and Enter. You are looking for Windows Update then right click and select Stop.

How to troubleshoot Microsoft Antivirus updates

Next step you need to sign in to Windows Explorer. In Local Disk (C:) Then Windows you locate the Software Distribution folder. You delete the SoftwareDistribution folder by right-clicking in the folder and then clicking Delete. If a warning notification appears, you click Yes only.

How to troubleshoot Microsoft Antivirus updates

Now you log in again to the Services window and look for Windows Update again. Right-click there and click Select Start. Restarting the computer...

How to troubleshoot Microsoft Antivirus updates

After the computer is back on after you Restart, please try to update Microsoft Security Essentials Antivirus. It should now be an Antivirus MSE you can update.

How to troubleshoot Microsoft Antivirus updates

2. Update the Antivirus MSE by Manual Way

If the above way fails, do the second way. This second way is to update the Antivirus MSE manually. For Antivirus MSE updates in a manual way, you must download the MSE update file on the Microsoft official website.

Hopefully article how to fix Antivirus Update MSE Error Code 0x80240022 There are benefits so that the problem can not Update the Antivirus MSE can be resolved. Until meet up again in this cool article and other fun and greeting success always.

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