Artikel Terbaru The world's most advanced camera at a fantastic price that is undoubtedly the result. Camera, this one gadget is already a mandatory item for many people today including for photographers and vloggers who love to capture the moment and take photos with high aesthetic value. Want to know what is the most advanced camera today? Check out the following!

The World's Most Advanced Camera

Camera is a product that has become our current secondary needs. When sightseeing, of course, we need to capture the moment. With digital cameras, beautiful moments can certainly be captured better.

The world's most advanced camera

Nowadays the camera is growing and certainly make the product more targeted. Photo quality is much more awesome with great resolutions and crisp images. In addition, digital cameras today have also supported those who love to do selfies. Optical zoom on the camera is increasingly sophisticated so that shooting is much more maximal results.

Camera products from year to year always come with new sophistication. With the use of a large image sensor, it makes the image taken so that the more visible life. Well, let's see the sophistication of what is now in the camera. Furthermore, BP Guide will provide some of the most advanced camera recommendations.

Advanced camera features that will make us stunned

1. High End Sensors

High End Sensors

When buying a camera we certainly know the term high end sensors. With this feature, the picture looks more real. These high end sensors in each camera differ in level. The higher the sensor the better the resulting image is.

The presence of this sensor in the camera is pointless to capture the light from an object. Furthermore, the larger the sensor makes the more light that can be reflected and this is what makes the image so much more real. The crisp, stunning image results you can get with a camera that carries a high high end sensor.

4K Video Recording Capabilities

Cameras are more sophisticated nowadays and the types are varied. There are digital cameras, there are also DSLR cameras. Both cameras are already as powerful and can even be used to make videos.

DSLR cameras are the most desirable products of photography lovers. The feature is more sophisticated and also produces a much more satisfying image product. This camera also supports to take pictures in the form of videos, making us able to make videos up to 4K quality.

Surely on videographers will really love the quality of this 4K because the video resolution is so much bigger that the quality of the videos will not be cracked. The results of the video will be smoother and more focused and sharper. Although recording video in a low-light room with minimal distortion, the result will remain the maximum of the camera has a quality of 4K.

Has an amazingly high resolution

The need for a camera is inevitable. There are many events in our lives that must be perpetuated as memories and stories someday. Therefore, do not hesitate to buy a sophisticated camera because it will certainly give more effective results.

The quality of a camera can be determined from its sensors. In addition, the size of the resolution on a camera will also determine the result of the clip. So, the combination of sensor technology and megapixel magnitude are two important elements to make the image quality sharper and more real looking.

The sophisticated camera is currently equipped with an amazingly high resolution. Obviously this will give a sharp picture and a nice look. Choose a high-resolution camera so that the shot is maximized.

Most advanced camera recommendations commonly used by photographers Profesiona

2. Hasselblad H4D 200MS

Hasselblad H4D 200MS

The Hasselblad H4D 200MS is one of those cameras arguably very sophisticated. This camera is intended for the upper class as well as for professional photographers. This camera is amazing because it has a resolution of 200 million pixels that makes the image quality extraordinary.

This advanced camera Sensor is mounted into a symmetrical multi shoot frame. Thus the sensor has been in a very precise position. The resulting image is also very detailed with a resolution of 50 MP on the moving object and a resolution of 200 MP on the Silent object. This product can be purchased at a price of Rp 605 million.

Seitz 6 × 17 Panoramic

The Seitz 6 × 17 Panoramic is an advanced camera also because it is capable of penetrating up to 160 million pixels. The camera is easy to operate and images can be easily seen and stored on both laptops and tablets.

This sophisticated one product is capable of capturing 300 megabytes of data per second. No wonder the resulting image is amazing. With high resolution, the camera is suitable for those working in the field of architecture and fine arts. This cool product can be purchased at a price of Rp 516 million.

3. Phase One P65 + Digital Back Medium - Format 645 DF

Phase One P65 + Digital Back Medium

Phase One P65 + Digital Back Medium Format 645 DF can also be glance if you're looking for a sophisticated camera. Sensors in this product twice from which SLR are classified as high quality. High quality images can be generated from this cool camera one.

With a resolution of 65 megapixels, the camera wears a full frame 645 sensor. This product can also be in constant zoom and the image can be displayed on a large monitor without chapped. The results of the video and the image results are very satisfactory and spoil the eyes that look. This product is capable of producing images up to 15 megapixels. Products can be purchased at a price of Rp 459.7 million.

4. Panoscan MK-3 Panoramic

Panoscan MK-3 Panoramic

Panoscan MK-3 Panoramic can be a glance for those sophisticated camera lovers. This product is capable of taking a panoramic picture of 360 degrees full in a short time. Using the digital signal process makes this camera able to create panoramic images within 8 seconds. Problem is, not asked again must be super satisfying.

This 360 degree panorama feature is very suitable also with virtual reality technology which is now crowded in the middle of the talk. This cool product can also be used in the military. The point is for tactical mapping besides it could also benefit the police for the photo forensic crime scene. This product can be purchased at a price of Rp 500 million.

5. Leica S2-P

Leica S2-P

The Leica S2 P is guaranteed to be really cool for professional photographers who love shooting outdoors. With a resolution of 37.5 megapixels, this sophisticated camera is powered by a 30 x 45 mm sensor. This fantastic product excels in terms of quantity and quality too.

This camera is durable and also waterproof to tablets. This product is great for bringing adventure to various free natural areas. This cool product can be bought for RP 400 million.

6. Canon EOS 1D Mark III

Canon EOS 1D Mark III

The next advanced camera is the Canon EOS 1D Mark III which is certainly no less sophisticated than other cameras. This product is one of Canon's famous brands in the entire world. This product has a resolution of up to 3,888 x 2,592.

The camera is equipped with a CMOS sensor and also has a pixel of 28.1 x 18.7 mm. For ISO coverage is also wide to 100 – 25600. This is why you don't have to hesitate to take a picture or record a video on the spot that shines the renadh.

The camera is also able to take pictures quickly with high quality. Do not miss to buy this cool camera at a price of Rp 160 million.

7. Pentax 645D 

 Pentax 645D

The Pentax 645D is also not to be missed. This cool camera is able to provide a quality image of 40 megapixels loh. With ultra high resolution results, the results can be printed in large size as well.

This one product has a 44 x 33 mm CCD sensor. More cool products are also equipped with a resolution of 7264 X 5440. The camera has an 11-point autofocus system. In addition there are also ISO from 100 to 1,600 which is embedded in the camera. This product can be owned by paying for Rp 114 million.

8. Canon EOS 1DX BODY


This Canon EOS 1DX BODY will be really cool for you to use capturing important moments. With high speed so that this one product also gives the image result that satisfies the user. With its FireWire interface video output, the camera is made to make it easy for users to take pictures quickly.

This product has a high resolution so it is suitable for commercial photography as well as for taking personal photos. This product was designed for pro photographers. Camera performance is capable of upgrading from 12 fps menjadi16 fps in Live view mode. The product can be purchased at the Plazakamera for Rp 74,860,000.

9. Nikon D3X BODY

Nikon D3X BODY

This Nikon camera is definitely not to be missed. The Nikon D3X BODY is a full-frame sensor DSLR camera. Suitable for photographers who crave camera with sophisticated quality and easy to use.

This product has a CF Card SlotFX-Digital SLR Format In addition to also 3.0 inch TFT LCD. This 24.5 megapixel camera product is powered with FX-Format CMOS sensor. The image is high quality at full resolution.

There are many interesting features in this camera that can maximize the results of the shot. For example, with a robust processor in it, the camera is capable of making photos more real and also satisfying the eyes. Products can be purchased at Tokopedia for Rp 82,799,000.

10. Samsung Mirrorless Digital Camera NX1

Samsung Mirrorless Digital Camera NX1

Samsung NX1 is an advanced camera offering famous brand Samsung. The camera was announced at the Grand exhibition Photokina and had a glance opportunity as a sophisticated camera craving. This product is arguably very complete and has high quality.

With a speed of 15 photos per second, the camera has 205 features of phase detection autofocus. This product with 4K Video has a 28 MP APS-C BSI CMOS sensor. With the weight of the product 550 grams, this camera product has ISO 100-12800 that can be expanded to 512,000. This cool product can be purchased at Bhinneka for Rp 18,599,000.

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