Artikel Terbaru - Understanding Bandwidth in Computer networks. What is bandwidth? If we are new to IT, you will be very unfamiliar with this term, sometimes people also ask why the Internet can be slow or maybe there is a connection faster, and so on. His answer is because of banwidth. 

Bandwidth is calculation of telecommunication data transfer consumption calculated in bits per second (bps) that occurs between the server computer and client computer in a certain time in a computer network. So it can be interpreted even greater bandwidth in the network so it can be ensured Internet access will be faster.

Understanding Bandwidth in Computer networks

Network Bandwidth Function

There are many functions of bandwidth in a computer network other than just as a calculation of data transfer consumption. Here are some of the functions of Bandwidth in the network:

1. Bandwidth as Data packet delivery media

When we use a LAN cable or a bandwidth wireless network will work as a connection path that connects the data transfer process.

2. Bandwidth Limiting Transfer speed

The network Administrator uses bandwidth to limit the speed of the data tarnsfer so that it can avoid theft.

3. Bandwidth Limiting Data transfer speed

In addition as a transfer speed limiter bandwdth can also be used to limit the speed of sending data packets so if we are only limited to 2 GB then when we will send the data packet exceeding the specified limit then the package delivery Can not continue

How Bandwidth in the network works

Bandwidth is the most important part in the delivery of data packets in the network, because all the activities of sending good transfer maupu data delivery can work because there is this component. To find out how bandwidth works, the way of bandwidth is as functional as the bandwidth, so if the bandwidth is the parcel of data delivery then the bandwidth will limit the maximum capacity of data packet delivery in Network.
The bandwidth capacity of a communication network can affect the performance of such networks, whether sooner or later. However, of course there are still other factors that affect it, such as latency, packet loss, and others. When we connect with a network, there is generally a limitation of the access volume set. The greater the bandwidth set then the amount of data capacity that can be transferred will also be greater.

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