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How to maintain a Printer to stay durable – the Printer becomes an inseparable tool from our activities, what else when you are an office worker or a student whose daily use of printers for various kinds of Needs. Then, because it is important and often used, printers can also be corrupted quickly. But relax, here is information on how to take care of the printer to stay durable and not easily damaged for you.

How to maintain the Printer to stay durable

As mentioned earlier, if the printer is a printing tool in the form of sheets of paper or photographs. Printers as a printing machine, are indispensable for those of us who need a document printer tool in our daily activities. Good for office workers, or students. Caring for your own printer is an important thing to do!

How to maintain the Printer to stay durable

It becomes important because the intensity using the printer that we use must be quite high every day, and inevitably make the printer become easily damaged and not durable. Well therefore, caring for the printer as well as possible is something we deserve.

How to maintain the Printer to stay durable

There are several ways you can take care of your printer. And here are some of them:

1. Use Printer regularly

Then, how to take care of the second printer is to use the printer regularly. Do you know, if a printer that is often used will be much more durable than not LOH! This is due to the more frequent use of the printer, the performance of your printer is more optimal, so it becomes more accustomed to use as a printer tool.

Also, when the printer is frequently used, it will minimize the chances of the printer's head to dry due to ink. And when the part of the printer's head becomes dry, it will be difficult to reuse. In addition, the dry parts will also be difficult to clean.

2. Keep the Printer clean

To take care of the first printer you can do by keeping the cleanliness of your printer. This becomes important because if not cleaned periodically, then it will not close the possibility of a lot of dirt or dust that accumulate on your printer.

And when the dirt or dust is not cleaned, it will make your printer become damaged due to the dust and also the dirt that accumulates. For example, printers are easily jammed as they get stuck by existing dust and dirt.

3. Maintain regular performance of Katrid

Katrid is the most important part of a printer, especially for printers that are often used to print different types of color. Therefore, taking care of this catrid performance becomes an important thing to do. Then what is the way to treat the performance of the Cathrid regularly?

The trick is quite easy, you can simply create 4 (four) circles with different colors namely, black, red, yellow, and green in Microsoft Word. Then print the created image through your printer with the highest quality or resolution (best) in the printer settings.

This way, the print results can show whether your cartridges can still print colors optimally or not. Do this way routinely for 1 month or at least 2 months to view and monitor the performance of your printer's pulley.

4. Use good ink quality to print

Quality of ink can also affect the performance of the printer Loh! For that reason it would be more advisable to use ink that has good quality to put in the printer. In addition, use ink from a brand only consistently.

Do not often change the brand from the ink you have because of it, can cause the printer to be easily damaged quickly. And besides that, the concentration of each ink brand is also different, so it will take more adaptation time for a printer when the ink you use always replace.

Well, that's some way you can take care of your printer to stay durable. How, quite easy to do instead?

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