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Tips for capturing holiday moments in TikTok with TikTok travel. TikTokTravel is a breakthrough that aims to inspire users to capture and share their memorable holiday moments in a creative way.

TikTok travel

TikTok travel

TikTokTravel is the first campaign to be presented in Indonesia and in cooperation with the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism. This cooperation aims to promote Indonesian tourism through TikTok application. In cooperation with other tourism agencies, TikTokTravel will also be held in Malaysia, Vietnam, Japan, Seoul, Dubai, and Los Angeles.

TikTok also shared tips on capturing holiday moments through TikTokTravel. Here's the explanation :

1. Join Video and images

Try to combine photos and videos from some of the tourist spots you visit into a single video.

2. Use the Photo Template and Video Filter features

You can make your photos more interesting by utilizing the "Photo Template" feature in TikTok app. In addition, make your videos more attractive and fun by inserting rotating, slowing, fast and other filters.

3. Add custom-themed songs

Share your feelings while enjoying your holiday moments by adding songs from TikTok's music library. Especially for the #TikTokTravel Global campaign, TikTok accidentally launched a special themed song "Summer" which was collected from "TikTok Spotlight".

4. Text and Stickers

Not only that, you can create a description of the location, the name of the tourist spot, or the emoticons on the videos you have created to add new elements to your video.

5. #TikTokTravel hashtags

Finally, add the #TikTokTravel hashtag in your video caption as a condition to follow this global campaign and get a chance to win a variety of exciting prizes.

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