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2 How To resolve Old Booting in Windows 10. Previously, I used Windows 7, but a few days ago I switched to Windows 10. In fact there are Windows 10 two years ago, but I just use it.  There is a problem or trouble on Windows 10 that I recently used that makes me dizzy ie a very long boot process.

I upgraded my laptop from Windows 7 to Windows 10 because I just upgraded my PC's RAM from 2 GB to 8 GB (2 X 4 GB) and my windows used to also still use Windows 7 32 bits. In order to get maximum results and the RAM capacity reads all, I had to install the operating system 64, and at that time I decided to choose Windows 10 and install it.

How To resolve Old Booting in Windows 10

2 How To resolve Old Booting in Windows 10

During the installation process there is no problem at all and some emnit then, Windows 10 Professional operating system 64 bits has been embedded on my laptop. After that, I started installing drivers, antivirus and some other programs I used and needed.

Problem occurs when I turn on my laptop, ie the boot process that becomes so long, very long time indeed, when compared with Windows 7, I think it will win Windows 7. After the Windows logo appears, I wait a few minutes, then it appears login Screennya.

But what happens? Programs that run at startup even so little, or indeed my laptop Lemot? Of course not, before I upgraded the RAM and I still use Windows 7, the boot process is not long like this, it only takes a few seconds.

2 How To resolve Old Booting in Windows 10

Various ways I have done, one of them is to minimize the program that is running at startup, but the results are nil.

1. How to resolve the old Booting in Windows 10

First right-click the battery icon that is located to the bottom right of the desktop, then click Power Option.
  1. Next, there will appear a Power Option display. In the Power Option window, choose Choose What the Power button does.
  2. In the Shutdown settings menu, you will see a checked Turn on fast startup (recommended). Well, one of the causes of the boot process to be long is because of this feature, therefore you need to disable this feature. To do so, click Change settings that are currently unavailable.
  3. Then uncheck the Turn on Fast Startup (recommended), then select Save Changes to save the changes you have made.
  4. To try the result, you just need to turn off your PC/laptop then turn on the PC/laptops again. The previous boot process will now change to be faster in just a few seconds.

2. How to accelerate Windows 10 boot with Msconfig

There is also another way to speed up booting Windows 10 tablets, this way is also simpler than the above. Go straight, here is the Langkah–langkahnya:
  1. Type msconfig in the Search > field in System Configuration. Then go to the Boot tab and click on the Advanced Options button.
  2. Check the Number of processors and Maximum memory boxes and then set the maximum values according to your hardware configuration.
  3. Click OK to save your new settings and changes

Hopefully with the above tutorial, the problem of booting the old in Windows 10 you do not come back. Maybe a long time ago buddy how to cope with the old boot in Windows 10 that has proved successful, good to try a buddy. 

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