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10 Online Home Design apps: Best 2020. By using the help of the computer, designing the room and also designing the house becomes easier with the presence of interior design applications/software. You can do it yourself or hire services from someone who is professional to do the design for you.

There are some software that is free of charge, but there are also paid ones. There are also those you can use directly online (website-based), and some of them you have to download and install first to your computer.

Software/Application Interior Home Online

Online Home Design apps: Best 2020

Here is a home interior design software online, below there is a paid and there is also a free, among others.

1. Home Stratopshere's Interior Design Software

On this site most of the features provided are free. And better yet, we do not download and are very easy to use. You can design any room that is inside a house quite quickly. You can also design layouts of a room only or a whole layout for one home. 

2. Space Designer

Space Designer is an application that you can use to make room planning and overall home layouts right on the site. It's easy to use because the principle of this site is drag and drop so it can be quite easy too. On this site can be 2D and also 3D

3. RoomToDo

RoomToDo is a free, cloud-based interior design app that offers 1 (one) unique feature that they name 3D Walkthrought. The feature can display graphic design as if – we're running in it. You can do so in a variety of different angles.

4. Room Sketcher

Room Sketcher is an online tool of floor planning and free interior design. Room Sketcher also provides tons of templates, fellow user-made designs, and design options from scratch. Here you can also design in 2D and 3D. 

5. My Deco 3D Room Planer

This is a free space planning tool that is web-based that is easy to use. Because it is web-based, it is definitely not necessary to download it first. On the official website There are also many video tutorials that are very helpful. 

Home Interior Design Software

Here is a home interior design software that is not a website based, so we have to download it first before using this software.

1. SmartDraw Interior Design Software

SmartDraw is a pretty popular brand of apps, here you can design and plan houses, bathrooms, kitchens, garages, and more or less room types inside the house. This Software is paid for, but they also provide free demos.

2. Cylindo

Cylindo is a 3D interior design application, this software is included in a paid category. But they also provide free demo Kok.

The focus is to change the furniture (real) and turn it into a 3D image that you can use when designing the room, so that you get an idea of how the furniture is fitting or not fitting. 

3. Space Designer 3D

Space Designer 3D is an online application to design interior/room, this software is paid for. Space Designer is cloud-based, so you don't need to download anything in advance.

One of the featured features of Space Designer is that you can see the 3D version in real-time while designing. There is no need to render, it can certainly accelerate the design process.

4. SketchUp Pro

If you have a fund of about $695 and are willing to spend to pay for interior design applications. This software is a powerfil and many pro designers are using this software. 

5. Chief Architect

Chief Architect offers many types of applications, but the most popular products of them are the Home Designer Suite. This app has a lot of templates, from different types of designs or you can create from scratch.

The application will render in 2D and 3D form. In this software there are also specific modules for bathrooms, kitchens, and landscape design.

Well, that's some of the apps you can use to design your home. Hopefully this article can help you in designing the house, if there is a mistake in this article please forgive and understandably.

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